Helpful Downloads


Authority to Act

Please print, sign and return an Authority to Act (one for each entity). We need another signed copy each year we complete your returns.

Authority to Act

To comply with a number of changes we have attached a copy of our current terms and conditions.

Year End Questionnaires

In addition we will need you to provide the relevant information. Below are our standard questionnaires.
Please note you may need to print more than one. For example if you’re a sole trader and you also own a rental property you will need to complete a business questionnaire and a rental (I) questionnaire.


Rental Worksheet

Our standard rental worksheet is no longer part of the rental questionnaires. You can download a copy by clicking the button below.

Rental Questionnaire for Individuals

If you have a rental property in your own name, please complete a Rental Questionnaire for Individuals.

Rental Questionnaire for Non-Individuals.

If you have a rental property in another entity (Company, Trust, Partnership) please complete a Rental Questionnaire for Non-Individuals.

Business Questionnaire

If you are in business as a Sole trader, Trust, or Company, please complete a Business Questionnaire.

Trust Questionnaire

If you have a Trust, please complete a Trust Questionnaire.

Investor Questionnaire

If you have shares, dividends or other investments, please complete an Investor Questionnaire.

GST Questionnaire

If you need us to complete your GST return, please complete this questionnaire GST.

Overseas Activity

Please complete and sign the attached questionnaire if you have overseas income/ investments to declare.

Our Terms and Conditions

By utilising our services you must agree to our Terms and Conditions of Service please download a copy and familiarise yourself with these. This will give you an understanding of what’s required of you as a customer and how we approach our work.

Term and Conditions

Please download and read our terms and conditions of service.