What We Do

Trust Advice

We will help you do it right

How much do you stand to lose if things go wrong? Do you know?

At Dennis O’Grady Accountants Ltd we understand the anguish caused by marital breakdowns and lawsuits.

By talking to our experienced staff we can help you structure your home and business in such a way that minimises risk, so you don’t need to ask “What if?” Our trust administration services can help you achieve a range of goals including reducing tax and protecting your family assets.

With our experience in trust administration we can help you achieve almost any goal.

Xero Certified

Prefer to to use Xero?

Here are just a few of the great benefits:

  • No installation, so will work on almost any computer
  • No contract
  • Upgrades are done for you, as soon as they are available, at no cost
  • Your accounts are always backed up
  • Your bank and a range of other providers talk to Xero giving you everything from the basic banking information to fully imported invoices generated from your time sheets
  • Know who’s paid you and where you’re spending the most money, at a glance.

Rental Property

Time to invest?

If you have some spare equity, either through a family portfolio or as a result of business success, why not consider investing in the property market?

Dennis has personally been investing in property for over forty years and has access to a wide network of professionals that can help you find a property to suit your needs. Furthermore with his personal experience in the industry he understands the jargon and has practical advice that can really help you, no matter how big your portfolio.

Over recent years, Dennis has helped a number of people grow their investment portfolio from zero to over 13 million dollars with annual returns in excess of $200,000. Now, where else can you get that sort of return for sipping a glass of wine?